About studio

«Welldone» studio makes websites.

Our studio develops websites with an understanding of what they do, using the experience according to client’s tasks. You can criticize us for systematic analysis of client’s purposes and tasks, we trying to to do everything easier as possible, try to save clients’ money and advising to avoid unreasonable spendings.

Cost and Timeline

Prices depend on tasks and workload. Simple, useful and cosy website will cost 15000 UAH.

The timeline is more complicated. Simple tasks we do fast, difficult we do in time, impossible we do a little bit later.

Rules of «Welldone» web-design

  • People visit websites looking for information, useful and necessary information
  • Websites is way to solve the specific tasks
  • Client better knows own business and market specificity
  • «Welldone» studio know how to make tasks for reasonable money
  • Our studio always give maximum time to website’s contest
  • Website should be simple, correct and useful for visitors and this is its design and beauty.

Thank you for visiting our website! Please, come again!

Do your projects Welldone!